Can biophilic design and the incorporation of greenery into your space really make you happier, healthier and make your space a space that people seek out and actually want to be?

Pillow Moss Close Up. Photo by @peaceonelovephoto.

The idea that people have an innate affinity for nature dates back to the 1980s, but designing spaces according to the principles of nature is reaching a peak now.

The Why of Green Marketing & Biophilic Design

It will be no surprise to you that many consumers make their purchase decisions (large and small) based on the stated environmental impact of the product or service.

Consumers seek purchase options…

There is no shortage of recommendations, advice, and protocols for safety in the workplace during the pandemic from savvy, strategically-minded architects, designers, HR experts, and building planners as we all work to navigate the current physical workplace and design for wellness.

We will spare you the slurry of terms such as “unprecedented,” and “new normal,” as well as the cliches that “we are all in the same boat” and “the distance between us” and of course, “alone together” as we have too much respect for you, as readers, to repeat what has been written and said many, many times before…

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Green branding, green values, and sustainable product options matter. We’ll tell you why, share our list of brands that are doing a phenomenal job and share how showing off your sustainable side affects your bottom line in a very, very, positive way.

From office environments to hotels to home building and clothing, there is a large and growing sector number of companies working to be more sustainable. Perhaps it is out of the goodness of their hearts or perhaps to gain more of the market share as an equally large and growing sector of the…

An Introduction to Dr. Ibrahim of HOK

We have been thinking about biophilic design in healthcare for quite some time. But in the past, we wondered if the healthcare industry would find our products too risky. That’s why when we watched Dr. Andrew M. Ibrahim of HOK present on the topic, we were transfixed. Turns out, not only is there no risk, there is ample reward for all of us–regardless of which side of the desk (or needle or stethoscope) you are on. …

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Creative Moss Design by Planters Group, UAE.


Last week, thought and practice leaders in biophilic design gathered at the Phoenician Hotel in Scottsdale, Arizona to attend HOTEC Design Conference. Top of mind for hospitality designers now and for the foreseeable future is rife with nature and natural elements. And it’s not just for the bragging rights of being “eco-friendly” (for simply not washing the sheets daily) either.

Bill Browning, the managing partner at environmental strategies research and consulting firm Terrapin Bright Green, spoke of “pattern languages” (a method of describing good design practices) and…

We had the opportunity and pleasure to interview the highly knowledgeable and delightful Emma Loewe. In addition to being the Sustainability Editor for mindbodygreen, Ms. Loewe is an environmentalist and self-described, “editor, author, photographer, and wannabe minimalist.” We posed our questions on biophilic design and she shared her thoughts, recommendations and how education is key to more and greater sustainability practices.

Emma Loewe

Check it out:

FPS1: As an expert in sustainability and wellness, how do you personally define biophilic design? …

The Midwest U. S. is more far more sustainable and forward in both thinking and practice than you might think.

Sometimes other parts of the country they call us “flyover country.” You can read the full list of misconceptions about the Midwest along with with a detailed breakdown of the region (East North Central Midwest vs.
West North Central (where Kansas City, Missouri is located). We do have to forgive folks in their confusion that Kansas City is in Missouri and also in Kansas. But we also need the entire country to know that the Midwest has embraced sustainability with…

It is not uncommon to see beautiful moss wall installations in hotels and across the hospitality industry in their lobbies and occasionally in a meeting room, but what we have not seen (yet) are the hotels that adopt a moss design piece for every room. We’re going to share the ways that moss designs can solve three specific hotel challenges: odors and sounds and aesthetics.

We, of course, keep numerous moss frames in our home and we have also been conducting a great deal of testing in our workshop and in the homes of friends and we can proudly report…

UPDATED: December 2019

You have likely seen at least one article on why moss is highly beneficial for the home and for the workplace but we’d like to share why green walls aka moss walls (see our previous post on the differences between the types of green walls)make excellent sense for schools and other educational environments and we’ll go a little further than the stress and psychological benefits–in fact, green walls can be the foundation for project-based curriculum and other learning opportunities.

Before we dive in though, we need to share that education is far more than a passing industry…

UPDATED: March 13, 2020

Biophilic design is good for your mental and physical well being and we will explain why. But before we do that, let’s break down the many “bio” terms that are currently being used in architecture, engineering, and design and define these terminologies and the role each plays in improving the spaces in which we live and work.

Biophilia is like any other “philia” meaning it is simply defined as an affinity–in the case of biophilia, it is an affinity for nature. …

The Fat Plant Society

Kasey L Riley: CMO, Primary Writer, and Editor for The Fat Plant Society, a biophilic design studio.

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